Thursday, February 3, 2011

Future Synchronicities

  1. Haven't been aware of many (any) synchronous experiences lately so decided to "look ahead" and envision good things to come:
*Brandolyn is able to sell her house via auction next week, using the method/book I used to sell our house in San Antonio back in 1998.

*We've had to switch insurances (read: Cheaper) and by switching to Group Health, Rich finally finds someone who can help him with his various issues.

*Because Vanessa & Ben aren't old enough to get a rental car in Ireland, where they wanted to go for their honeymoon, they switch gears and end up having a magical experience in Kauai next month.

Golden wasn't offered the job with BASF in Texas and as a result, he is available to accept an even better job, close to us in Washington.

*The first house the Siemers made an offer on fell through, which opened the way for them to find a better, more suitable house (in which they will live happily for many years to come!)

Here's to good things right around the corner!

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Gail Park said...

Update! The last two came to be! Whoopee!