Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've been talking about the Vinegar of 4 Thieves for years now, ever since I first learned of it while Dustin was on his mission in the Amazon and picked up some parasites. I cultivated the herbs the summer before he arrived home so I'd be ready to treat what ailed him. He dutifully took it, then went to the doctor, who couldn't find a trace of the parasites anymore. I've since used it with varying success over the years to treat colds and flu. I say "varying" because it depends how close to the onset of symptoms I can take it--the earlier the better. Those who put it off til they are miserable (that's you, Richard) usually don't see much effect. This week I was in a health food store and saw several 2-ounce eye-dropper-type bottles on the counter labeled "Thieves" selling for $23.00 each. I burst out laughing and asked the clerk if that was for real? I have a gallon of it at home from the last batch I made that is easily worth over a thousand dollars at that price! Well, it is now colds and flu season and last night I was awakened with a stuffy right nostril..I got up and began the Thieves Regimen. In the morning, having had little sleep, I was feeling yucky, but had to go in to work for a meeting. At noon though, I came home, self-medicated again with thieves and vitamin C, and sleep a couple hours. I just woke up without any cold symptoms! I wonder if knowing how much it "costs" has anything to do with it's effectiveness now??