Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too much synchronicity

Only worked 1/2 day today so I could get to the Lodge to see Hahn Bin perform. I had put my gym stuff in the car in the morning, thinking I'd already be at the lodge at 4 and it would be easy to get in the pool for some laps, but the day was beautiful--crisp clear and not too cold--perfect for a run, and I would be home in time for a good hour's workout before dark. What to do? Too many good choices!! I enjoyed the hour with Hahn Bin (extraordinary!) then headed home--for a lovely run through the fall colors. Life is good!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Come together

Donald, 1947
My dad's birthday sychronistically fell on Family Home Evening night while my mother was visiting. She and I were at Siemers, so I planned an activity to help my grandchildren get to know their great-grandfather a bit, whom they never got to meet. I had a photo (left) of him and mom and then on top of it I overlaid smaller pictures of things that would evoke a story of his life: a picture of some Dunkin Donut's coffee/treats, a man helping someone fix a flat tire, a go-cart, a stock car racer, a puppy dog, a picture of my dad as a young man (right). Each of the kids got to take off a small picture and then I or mom told a story about it. It was fun. Happy Birthday, Dad!