Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Library After Hours

They've all gone. We only had a skeleton crew of 5 today due to the snow storm, and now we've closed early so all can get home before dark. I'm waiting alone in the darkening library for my ride home, which could be awhile. As I sip my tea (with coconut oil) and listen to the hum of the building (usually indiscernable amidst the "hum" of the patron activity) I realize how much I enjoy being the library manager here. That too, is the result of serendipitous events, culminating in where I am now:
  • Getting hired at Southworth Library in Dryden
  • becoming director there without an MLIS
  • attending NYLA with my board president and learning about Syracuse University's partnering program (which only occurred for the years I attended)
  • getting my MLIS with help from the library board
  • deciding to move out here (thanks, Vanessa for your part in this by refusing to attend Dryden High another year and leaving home a year earlier than we'd anticipated!)
  • applying for this job when TRL was going through a reorganization so the job remained available until I was available (7 months!)
An amazing cosmic journey!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What was I thinking??

I usually carry a small notebook around with me to leave myself messages for later follow-up. Could be a "to-do" item, or a blog or journal idea, or a recipe or a book I want to read...You get the idea. The problem comes when I don't get the idea. I have lots of notes that I now have no clue what they were for. There is one that is bugging me at the moment:

"Kitchen Quiet -> Slo-mo flashback." What could that possibly mean?? Any helpful suggestions will be taken under advisement.

Monday, December 15, 2008

20-20 Hindsight

Had our Christmas party at work on Friday. Mari brought her identical twin 5 yr olds, Dora and Amelia. After the dinner, Rich was watching Amelia run around the library. His gaze focused on her forehand and he thought of me and my scar, and hoped that she would never have such an accident. Only moments later and Amelia was on the floor, cradling her head, after running into the corner of the table.  Blood everywhere as they rushed off to the emergency room. Fortunately, it wasn't as severe a wound as mine and the doctor "super glued" it together without stitches. Poor Rich felt some responsibility for not acting on the thought and cautioning her to not run. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Those were the days, my friend

Corroboration (4th nudge) came today on pages 40-50 of Michael Pollan's well-written, "In Defense of Food." I've had this book on my desk for a few weeks now, meaning to look at it. Today I thought, "I wonder if he says anything about saturated fats..." Not only does he agree with Mary Enig, [see Secret Combination post, below] he credits her as one of the earliest whistle-blowers of the lipids-low-fat scam.

Bottom line: we need to get back to the unadulterated whole-foods and animal products our grandmas used to cook. Provided they are also raised/grown the way they were in grandma's day...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life is how you look at it

My sister, Kelly, and her husband have taken in a foster son, Ephraim, a young man (age 11) from Ghana. Kelly and Eph were decorating the tree Sunday (his first Christmas tree ever); she has a lot of "jointed" mini nutcracker ornaments, some with arms or legs missing. She told him to leave those aside and put on the whole ones. When they were done he stepped back, looked at the tree and said "Can I put the handicapped ones on now?" Of course...

(photo by The Rocketeer on Flickr)

Another silver lining

Many years ago I was told by a physical therapist that my right left was 1/2 inch shorter than my left and advised to compensate by always walking on the left side of the road. I decided recently to go to a chiropractor to be sure everything was ok with my body after my fall on Mt. St. Helens and he confirmed the shorter leg. Then, with a few quick, painless manipulations, he set things to right and I am now no longer lopsided! Amazing! I had been led to believe this was a genetic defect, when in reality, it was a correctible alignment issue! So glad I had that fall--I would never have been motivated to go to a chiropractor otherwise!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secret Combination

A year ago, my routine health exam revealed ultra high (246) cholesterol levels, which I know is genetic. I was "prescribed" a nutrition seminar in which I was told the standard basics of avoiding saturated fats, eggs and other foods high in cholesterol. This summer I retested at 262, after a year of diligent diet observance. I was resolved to having to be on statin drugs, and had actually filled the prescription for Zocor, when that night I saw a program about lowering cholesterol through eliminating 4 things: sugar, chocolate, cheese and red meat. I did that for 6 weeks in lieu of the drugs, and, although I dropped 12 pounds, my cholesterol only went down to 233. Then, two weeks into taking Zocor, I was given a book by my sister-in-law called, "Eat Fat Lose Fat" by Dr. Mary Enig. A few pages in and I knew this was my second "God-wink" telling me not to be on the drugs. Only this information was that high cholesterol (especially in women) is not a bad thing, but actually a good thing, and that saturated fats are not the culprit in heart disease and atherosclerosis, but hydrogenation, homogenization, trans-fats and other "man-made" chemically changed foods. I was now feeling a bit confused, but more angry at the possiblity of a conspiracy comprised of some food and pharmaceutical companies to spread false information in the area of heart-health and diet. The third "nudge" came when I asked a nutritionist who wants to come and teach a class to our relief society, what she thought of saturated fats, and she echoed everything Mary Enig said. I have another week before my blood test, which I know will be low, due to the Zocor. Then I see the doctor who put me on the drug and I plan to ask him about this alternative philosophy. I anticipate that he will "pooh-pooh" the whole concept, but at this point, I am thinking I will no longer be worried about my cholesterol levels, throw out the Zocor, and introduce cod-liver oil, coconut oil and raw whole milk into my diet. Oh, and eggs. Lots of those incredible, edible eggs. I have always felt that the egg was the perfect food, perfectly packaged--gift-wrapped from nature!
Stay tuned...

Not a sympathy head

Well, we did our patriotic duty today, marching marching (well, more like strolling) from store to store in Olympia infusing the economy with a boost from our hard-earned resources. We lunched at Royal Bean,  supped at La Taqueria, and provided patronage to a variety of shops in-between. One such stop was Angelo Mendi Salon, where Breanne worked some magic to give me a hairstyle that camouflages my new scar. Today was the Motorcycle Toys for Tots run--10,000+ motorcycles roaring through downtown. Rich says next year we will ride it instead of just watching from the sidelines.  Business seemed to be booming wherever we went, so I'm not sure the word has gotten here yet that there is a MAJOR RECESSION in progress.  I know we are very grateful to have good jobs at this time and the ability to provide for our needs and most of our wants.