Thursday, April 22, 2010

Say, "Ahhhh!"

First visit to a new dentist. Brought a book to read (of course): Malcolm Gladwell's latest, What the Dog Saw and other adventures. As I'm sitting in the dentist's chair I'm reading about advancements in photography that allows more precision in everything from military bombing raids to detecting cancerous cells in breasts. The catch is that with more precision comes the need for more information: What part of the house is the terrorist in? Are these cells slow-growing or quick to metasticize? Seems more mastectomies are done now that don't need to be, as the cancers that are being detected are similar to those of the prostate--you'll probably die of something else long before it becomes a problem. Enter the dentist with some amazing state-of-the-art photography equipment (yes, here's the synchronicity...) that can see places inside my mouth that the X-rays can't. Sure enough. He found 3 areas that are going to cost me $1500. Now, if said areas had gone undetected, would I be so bad off? Is what I don't know really going to hurt me? Or should I wait until there's actually an obvious problem before I open my pocketbook? *Sigh* "Blessings" of the Age of Technology.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hot hot hot yoga

Went to my first Hot Yoga class last night. I was happy that I was able to hold my own with all the "regulars" though a few of the poses were definitely beyond my abililities (Bow, Eagle, Camel). I have to admit it was one of the longest 90 minute period of my life: liquid streaming off my nose, arms, chin, with temperature in the room over 107. I paid the Beginner Week fee, $20 for as many times as I want in one week. I may get one or 2 more times in this week, but I can't see me doing this on a regular basis. I wore my Vibrams, which generated some interest, but I didn't really need them. Only heard of this through Vanessa, and now I await a report on her first visit to the one in Boise.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

his time?

I was coming out of the gym this morning and noticed a snail on the walkway. I turned to Rich and said, "be careful of this little guy!" as I walked backward and crunched his companion a few few away...
Then, as I was looking for a snail pic to include here, I came across several cool articles on organic methods to keep down the snail and slug population in your garden, so I didn't feel too bad about the pre-emptive strike on this one. (FYI 4:1 Water:Ammonia solution...)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I used to use the treadmill at an incline of about 5 or 6, but then I got a Personal Trainer who suggested that I walk for 30 minutes at an incline of 15. (Yes, that is the very highest it will go...). I've done this for a couple weeks now and have to say that this part of my workout is the most intensive and gets the sweat pouring off of me more than anything else I do! After my 30 minutes, I put the level back down to 5 for a minute or two, and the funny thing is, that now at that level, it feels like I am walking downhill!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Were your ears burning?

I got called out of Sunday School last week to "emergency teach" the 6-year-olds in Primary. It was the Easter lesson, and the instructions called for showing a photo of a loved one who had passed on and share with the children how happy you are that the resurrection will allow you to see that person again someday, in a perfect, whole and healthy body. I happened to have a photo of my dad on my iphone and I told them about Donald and what a wonderful person he is and how I look forward to seeing him again. I mentioned to my daughter, Brandolyn, about the experience and she said she had taught that same lesson, the same day to the same age group in her ward. She also showed a picture of her "pillow-fightin' buddy" Grampa Donald, and testified of her joy in the hope of the resurrection and to be able to see her grampa again. I hope you were able to listen in, Dad, and know how much you are loved and missed! Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toccata in A

mm80132 November 28, 2007Tocatta in A Major by Paradies. Played by Matt Myers age 15.

I am reading (well, actually, listening) to a book called The Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie, by Alan C. Bradley, which is marvelously narrated in the voice of an 11-year-old British girl, by Jayne Entwhistle. Flavia, (said 11-year-old) mentioned her favorite musical piece, which was this Toccata in A by Pietro Domenico Paradisi. Well, as one thing leads to another, I had to see what was so great about it. Judge for yourself! Awesome!! (The book is pretty cool as well. I highly recommend both).


My sister sent me this video of a squirrel, which had this song as background music. Had to find them! Serendipidy! Chairlift, or Carolyn Polachek, Patrick Wimberly and Aaron Pfenning, are an Indie band from Brooklyn that got a lucky break when Apple secured this tune to market their Ipod Nano and gave it ubiquitous airplay (though I didn't first hear it that way...) Their debut album, Does You Inspire You, has some other bouncy tunes, but Bruises is definitely the best of the bunch.
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