Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Is

  1. Finding my hubby had my oatmeal all cooked and ready for me after my workout (and it's the 30 minute steel cut oats, not the quickie stuff!)
  2. Steel cut oatmeal in the morning...
  3. Being disciplined enough to get my workout done in the morning
  4. Discovering my pants DID have an extra button sewn into the lining (even if it was after I'd sewn a DIFFERENT substitute button on first)
  5. A sunbreak long enough for a lunch walk
  6. Being able to fix the staff-room faucet myself without having to call in the city
  7. World Market's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt . Yes, I think I finally found a Dark Chocolate I can live with.
  8. My new yellow scarf.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weekend Rich and I drove to Eugene, Oregon with the specific purpose of running Pre's Trail. Steve Prefontaine, the legend of the running world, never did get to use these trails, which were created in his memory shortly after his fatal car crash in 1975. He had lobbied for such a space, but it didn't happen while he was around to enjoy it. He would have loved this 4-mile course of soft wood chips meandering through woods, fields and along the Willamette River. It was a perfect day--blue skies, 60 degrees and a perfect surface for my Five-finger Vibrams. And even though I was the only runner (correction, I really don't actually run--it's more of a jog) thus shod, (or maybe because I was thus shod...) I felt awesome! When I'd run for any time before using these, I'd always get pain in my knees and hips. With these forcing me to run on the balls of my feet (simulating barefoot running) I ran twice around the four-mile loop with none of those problems. Rich, on the other hand, pulled another hamstring...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I came across this new word (well, new to me) twice today, in the space of an hour. Synchronicious in itself, but the word, numinous, actually means supernatural, or spiritual; surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious. The first instance was in our PageTurners discussion of the book, Ballad of the Sad Cafe, by Carson McCullers. The second, of greater interest, was pertaining to two stories of divine intervention of a genealogical nature. I, of course, love these kinds of stories. I'm providing the links to them here for your enjoyment as well.

The Pine Cone Story and, the Sequel, from: Keepapitchinin, the Mormon History Blog (don't you love the name of the blog?!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting Game

My daughter was flying standby and had no problem getting to Colorado on Thursday, but Sunday evening when she wanted to get home...(and yes, she had been warned not to try using standby on a Sunday...) she made it to SLC and then waited...and waited...3:00 flight was full, 5:00 flight was full, 8:00 flight was full...I was getting the updates, but didn't think to do anything about it, until 9:15 I suddenly had a thought that I needed to pray for her to get on the 9:40 flight. I ran into the bathroom, sent up my plea, then less than 2 minutes after I got off my knees I got her text: Home free! 33f is all mine.
I asked her when she got her seat assignment, and she said that very minute! How is that for a quick response to prayer? She then thought of the irony if the plane went down, but I assured her that wasn't going to happen, for the seat assignment--33--was a God-wink that all would be well. And sure enough, we got the landed safely text an hour later.