Friday, June 15, 2012

Simple Pleasures

A fellow librarian is collecting glass jars for an upcoming program so I donated this one I emptied last night. I couldn't believe how thrilling it was to start to peel this label off and have it come off smoothly in one piece, no sticky residue! worth paying extra for this  brand just for that added value!
 Last night I was making muffins at 10:00 pm for a "Welcome" treat honoring a new employee. I'd had requests for "healthy-blueberry" muffins so it was very exciting to discover at that hour that I had all the ingredients for an awesome recipe: (Spelt flour? Check! Coconut Oil? Organic Virgin Unrefined...Check! Agave? Check! Lemon extract? Check!) And they tasted Wonderful!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I was in a meeting at City Hall yesterday when my phone vibrated. I left the room and took the call in the hall. The ID said, "RACHEL" but no one answered when I said, "Hello." So I then said, "Chase?" "Yes." We enjoyed a nice conversation of maybe 3 minutes of what he was doing at the moment and how his day was going. We ended the call with our "I love yous" and I was filled with warmth to know he had been thinking of me and wanted to chat. Much more important than anything I could glean from the meeting at City Hall...


We were talking about what treats to bring in to work tomorrow to celebrate a new employee joining us. Matthew said, "Muffins!" Tim said, "Donuts!" Matthew said, "The only time I like donuts is if it's the plain cake donuts that I can dunk in my coffee." "Me too!" I called out. And I don't drink coffee. But his comment brought back to me the days of my youth when I would accompany my dad for "special times" to Dunkin Donuts where he would order me a (very milky and sweet) coffee and I'd dunk the plain cake donut into it. I could go through three of those donuts in that manner before the coffee was all gone! Sweet, sweet memory. Miss you, Dad...

Friday, June 8, 2012