Friday, February 25, 2011

The world in my hand

I found this rock waaaay back in, oh, probably 1972, when I went to the beach (I think it was Crane Beach in Massachusetts) with my cousin, Shelley. It looked magical then, and I guess it still does possess a bit of magic, as just looking at it brings back memories of that time when Shelley and I were best friends. I've kept it in my box of special things all these years, but it got misplaced soon after we moved out here to Washington. I tried several times to find it, to no avail, then the other day I came home to see it sitting on the counter. Rich had been doing one of his cleaning days, and came across it. By the time I asked him where he'd found it, he couldn't recall...but no matter! Do you have a special something that serves as a memory keeper?

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