Saturday, January 16, 2010

A quarter saved is a quarter needed

I'm not really sure what to do with this, but the irony was too much to ignore. We were at the Hands On Children's Museum this morning to celebrate Paige's and Renee's unbirthdays. On our way out Rich and I stopped at the gift shop and picked up a couple unbirthday gifts for them for later that evening. The sign said, if you pay with cash, you save 50 cents. Couldn't pass up a bargain like that, so I paid in cash. Next stop was the Olympia Coop, where we picked up 3 items. My annual membership was also tacked on to the total, which came to $25.77. Now the Coop only takes cash...I had exactly $25.27...I was 50 cents short. The clerk threw in the change and said I could pay her back next time I was in. But if I hadn't paid cash at HOCM to save 50 cents, I would have had plenty of cash to cover my bill at the Coop...I know. I don't know what it means either.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two are better than one

My mom had sent me some savings bonds she'd bought for her great-grandchildren. She wanted me to keep them safe, but I misplaced them soon after getting them, such that I almost doubted having received them at all! I looked and prayed to be able to find them, but months went by and I finally admitted to Mom that I couldn't find them and did she really send them? Yes, she had the confirming email I sent to her when they arrived...She told me to pray about it, and said she would also pray that I found them. The very next day, I found them! (Or, rather, Rich found them among his papers...mystery explained...). So why didn't I find them when I prayed about them? Are Mom's prayers more efficacious than mine?? I believe the answer came after I told Mom so that she could also have a faith-promoting experience in their discovery. After I told her they were found, she sent me a beautiful email testifying to the power of prayer in her life. We both "stand all amazed..."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

This was the first time Rich and I celebrated New Years' in a bar...It was a surprise trip Rich engineered, which began when we left work early and drove to Portland. We checked into the Modera and went out to look for the restaurant Rich had selected (but didn't make a reservation for). They were fully booked (0f course) but had a table in the bar that wouldn't be used until 7 pm. As it was only 5:30, we were able to have a fabulous meal there and be out in time for the concert. Rich had tickets for RAIN, which is a Beatles tribute band. They played 2 hours of incredible Beatles music, with the look and sound of the originals. Some friends were also there and staying at our hotel, so we met them afterwards and hung out in the hotel bar to ring in the new year. I nursed a virgin daquiri and Rich a Sprite, and we had an unusual pizza made with Feta and figs. Yum! The next day we hiked in Forest Park in the drizzle and fog. Magical! It takes a lot to surprise me (Grants are known for opening presents early and my secret name does contain the word, DETECTIVE...) but he did a great job. Thanks for a wonderful start to 2010!