Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Right place right time

This accident in Buellton, CA provided an opportunity for a synchronicious rescue. The BMW with a mother and two children inside were rear-ended by a trailer truck. They were pushed half-way through the rail and dangled over the ravine below. What was needed was a fork lift to support the car and prevent it from plunging into the ravine before the family inside could be rescue, but the fire department's forklift was at least 45 minutes away. Cue the Seabees from the Mobile Construction Battalion who just "happened" to be driving by with the very equipment that was needed. Two and a half hours later, mother and both children were pulled safely from the wreckage.

Monkey Hug

Rich was especially affectionate today, spontaneously coming up to me and hugging me periodically "for no reason" except that he "felt like hugging me." After the second such occasion, I opened my email and read my daily "Care2.com" offering, which contained this video entitled "Monkey Hug" from YouTube. I showed it to Rich with the explanation that this was his alter-ego for the day. Wonderful synchronicity at work!