Monday, December 27, 2010


10 Moments of Happiness (in order of their happening) :
  1. Two weeks with Vanessa in Italy
  2. Family Reunion at Thanksgiving (all 7 grands in one place and time--doesn't get any better!)
  3. Vanessa's and Ben's wedding
  4. Phone messages/calls from Chase ("Hi Buba! Iuvyou!")
  5. Finding our "lost" wallets and phones in the used towel bin at the Hyatt
  6. Phone call from the Hyatt that they found my iphone
  7. Volunteering at the "Home For Christmas" event for the homeless on Christmas Day
  8. A hot tub soak after a vigorous workout
  9. Starting to chip away at the extra 10 pounds I've "found" over the past few months
  10. Looking forward to good things in 2011.

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