Tuesday, March 3, 2009


 Happy Square Root Day! Happens only nine times each century, the next one being 4-4-2016. Celebrations are happening all over the world. A teacher in California is offering a prize (you guessed it: $339) to the biggest celebration. Today should be especially lucky for Rich, who has a special relationship with the number 3. What is our fascination with numbers? There's pi day coming up (3:14), and many weddings are held on special number days like 8-8-08; and then there is the phenomenon that happened to us in 2004: I (born in 1955) turned 49 and my husband (born in 1949) turned 55. Once in a lifetime! And what a year it was: we had a family reunion on the beach in California (no small feat, being as we all came from NY, ID, CO), became empty-nesters pre-maturely when Vanessa left us to spend her senior year in Rexburg, I finished my graduate degree and we decided to sell our home and move West. Anyway, do something fun today to honor square roots--like have a SQUARE meal of just ROOT vegetables...(hmmm. I just noticed that this is my 39th post...)

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