Friday, March 6, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

Sometimes there are two things that you think might be related but you're not sure...There's several (8) piles of what looks like rolled oats dumped about 3 feet apart at the wooded edge of our parking lot. There's also a bunch of squirrels that are behaving very oddly on the nearby grass...

Are the oats poisoned? Did the squirrels eat it? Or do the squirrels just have "spring fever" on this unusually sunny day in Washington? And what, then, is the purpose of the oat piles?

I checked with the City and they have no knowledge of it. Checked with the group of teens that were busy videoing the squirrels with their cell phones and they didn't know anything about the oats. Hmmm. Quite the mystery. But I do know this: anytime squirrels are involved, you have got to be suspicious.

1 comment:

Joella said...

One could also say that any time teens at the library are involved, one could also be suspicious! ;)

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