Friday, November 14, 2008

Lottery Winners

Some of the most fascinating synchronicity stories are those of how two people, out of the 6 billion + on the planet, find each other and fall in love. Synchronistic elements to Rich and my story:

* If Rich's draft lottery number in 1969 hadn't been #1, he wouldn't have joined ROTC and been in the military.
* Out of his whole class, he was the only person to be sent to Ft. Devens, Massachusetts, where I lived. (His home was California, so we weren't going to be meeting at the corner grocery store! He didn't even know where Ft. Devens was. He though MA meant Maine...)
* His first Sunday at Church was supposed to be my last, as I was on my way back to BYU after taking a semester off to work.
* He almost didn't attend Church that morning, as he had just arrived and was tired. He sat in front of me in Sacrament meeting, and my mom asked me to invite him to the house with the other servicemen, as was our custom.
* And the rest, is our history!
So, what's your story?


Anonymous said...

super cute mom. super cute.

Anonymous said...

Title it... Lottery Winners (double meaning - like, dad won the "lottery" and you guys won the "lottery" by finding each other =) kee hehe