Friday, November 21, 2008

The Glad Game

I consider myself a pretty positive person, so here I am, home another day from work recovering from my fall off the mountain, and am trying to look on the bright side: 
*  Whenever I set goals, one of them invariably is to cultivate my friendships, which I tend to neglect as life gets too busy. Well, today I called and invited two of my long-neglected friends to visit and have spent a wonderful hour with each getting caught up and sharing time. 
* As part of my head trauma, I've developed edema around my right eye, which has puffed my lid and under-eye with fluids. I can't be sure, but I think it is flushing out the cholesterol deposits that were in that area, as they seem less noticeable. That would be an unforeseen benefit of the accident!
* With Rich's help, I've made Christmas gifts for all 22 of my co-workers while I've been "lounging around." 
* I get to play the piano without feeling like I am assaulting my husband's eardrums (I really should take some lessons...)
* I can start on said husband's Christmas present without him seeing what I am making...
* I get to enjoy a delicious pomegranate that Bess brought to me today--not a fruit I tend to buy for myself, but should more often.
* Get time to blog!
When Life gives you lemons, eat a pomegranate!

Love, from Pollyanna

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