Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happiness is a warm hug

I was the recipient of a God-wink this morning (ie. a tender mercy). My daughter and son-in-law were scheduled to do temple baptisms at 9:30, which is during our Saturday morning shift at the temple. I'd sent her the sheet of family names earlier but was hoping for a chance to get down there to see them some time during my shift.  When I got my assignment for the day I saw that I was tied up the whole morning with no real opportunity to get to the baptistry. I was at my first assignment when I went to ask the supervisor a question. She was with someone so I waited (ie. eavesdropped...). They were talking about absences for the day and that they were short-staffed in the baptistry...I interrupted and volunteered to help out. She checked my schedule and saw where she could rearrange things to have all areas covered and gratefully sent me down to the baptistry! I helped out there and in the laundry (folding clothes) the rest of the morning and got to assist my kids with their temple visit. It felt like I'd gotten a hug from my Heavenly Father to be able to spend my morning in such service!

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