Saturday, March 10, 2012

Over dinner with the Siemers, Jason told us about a close call he had. He went to a job in Tacoma, only to find that there was a miscommunication and he didn't have an appointment there after all. That put him in Montesano at the Courthouse in the afternoon, instead of the morning, when he would have been if he'd known he wasn't needed in Tacoma. It was in the morning, about the time he would have been there, that a man (Steven Kravetz, photo above) came into the court house, stabbed a deputy, took her gun and shot her, and then stabbed a judge who came to her aid. He would have been right in the middle of that...Synchronicity at its best. At least for Jason, not so much for the judge and deputy...
(It was his mother, pictured here as well, who turned him in when she discovered he was wanted by the police. They captured him 24 hours after the shooting.)

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