Monday, March 19, 2012

kindred spirit

I've been hitting up people I know for donations to the Chamber of Commerce Auction. I got a friend of a friend to donate one of his paintings and went by his house to pick it up. I'd never actual met him  or his wife before and was very impressed with their home and decorating style. His wife gave me the grand tour and I ooh'd and aah'd over their lovely home. Turns out that we have a lot in common: They like Stickley furniture (they had one antique in-the-style-of cabinet) and Frank Lloyd Wright. She told a story of serendipitously (yes, she actually used that word!) coming upon a private tour of a FLW home on one of the islands and tagging along; I told her of our trip to Chicago and touring the FLW homes there. She grew up in Syracuse NY, he is from Oakland, CA. By the time she used "serendipity" in a sentence, I knew I'd met my new BFF. As soon as I'm over this bout of colds and sickness, she wants to come over and see my Stickley bedroom.

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