Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ring ring

Whenever I talk to my daughters on the phone, you know the conversation is over, not by "we'll talk to you later," or "well, I've gotta go," but by the phrase, "love ya." And, as I talk to at least one of my daughters sometimes several times a day, "love ya, bye" tends to roll off the tongue...
So I had a phone message at work from a manager at the Service Center. (And I think my daughter had just called prior to that...) I returned his call, and got his voice mail. I confirmed our meeting time, then closed, "love ya, bye." And hung up. And felt sick. WHAT DID I JUST DO??!! Can't take it back, it's on the voicemail. Can't call back--that would make it worse. Ignore it? Never look that person in the eye again? Hope the phone connection was garbly (which it often is at TRL...)? Laugh? I picked that one. I went in to my co-worker's office here at Tumwater and told her what I had just done-- and we both had a good laugh about it.
Thanks, Rachel--I think you started us all on this!

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