Friday, June 26, 2009

How do you know?

This is how I know...(by no means an exhaustive list..)
  • He saves the raw broccoli stalks for me
  • He kills slugs in my garden
  • He put a passenger seat and sissy bar on his Harley
  • He doesn't give me chocolates for Valentines' Day
  • He writes poems for me (actually, a whole book of poetry!)
  • He watches Pushing Daisies with me
  • He records shows he thinks I'll like to surprises me (Michael Buble, Pierce Brosnan interview)
  • He calls during the day just to check in and say "hi."
  • He recycles and composts
  • He encourages me to paint and puts up with the mess--in the kitchen
  • He bought a baby grand
  • He let me choose the paint colors for the house (inside and out! I went with his choice on the front door)

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