Friday, July 19, 2013

Synchronicity will provide

I just got new business cards and wanted to pick up an Altoids container to hold them in --it's the perfect sized tin. I stopped in at Martins Southgate Drugs and found the Altoids, but then remembered to zap their barcode with my new BUYCOTT app. This is a wonderful new tool that scans the barcode and reveals the parent company and whether or not they have contributed to campaigns supporting GMOs. Alas, I was informed that Altoids are owned by MARS Co, which contributed $376,650 to NO on Prop 37, which was trying to demand GMO labeling. (Shame on them!)
I was so conflicted! I really wanted the tin, and how much, really, would my small purchase hurt MARS, I rationalized. I got to the checkout counter and, low and behold! There were these sweet tins, free and clear of campaign conflicts, made locally (Yelm) and "GMO free, no corn, sugar, soy, wheat, gluten or dairy." Hurray! Synchronicity in action!

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