Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Experienced riders want(ing)

"What's your riding experience, ma'am?"
"I owned and rode my own 16-hand quarter horse for eight years."
"Alright then! We'll give you "Missy". She will do whatever you tell her to."
"Giyup, missy!" Nay.
"Look lively, Missy! Let's at least trot." Nay.

Maybe we'll let loose with a bit of a canter for a few feet, then trot for a few more yards while the wrangler is yi-hawing right next to us, but for the most part of our two-hour ride along the beach, Missy preferred to saunter along at the same pace as the rest of the well-worn mounts. (You can see from the photo that one of them was a draft horse!) I have to say there was a bit of false advertising here, from Back Country Wilderness Outfitters, as their brochure claimed the 2-hour ride was, "A little faster-paced ride to the southern tip of the beach. This ride is advisable for confident riders, ten or older." I think I would have trusted "Missy" with my 6-year-old granddaughter on her back.

It had been years since I'd ridden, and many more since the days of owning my own steed, but its a bit like riding a bicycle...you just don't forget. And I can testify that there is nothing that comes close to owning your own horse and having the freedom to ride as fast and as far as you choose.
I'm afraid this pin will still remain on my Wish List Board for the time being.

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