Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1 Cor. 10:13

Hooray for me! Everyone is always bringing in goodies to share... Today I was in the break-room with a lone cupcake staring at me--my favorite too: chocolate with vanilla frosting. I picked it up, started to tear away the cupcake liner, then stopped and put it back. It taunted me for 20 minutes, until a co-worker came in and scooped it up and ate it! Yay! I resisted the temptation until it was no longer an option! After work I dropped Rich off at home and just ran in to get a jacket to go visiting teaching. While there I was feeling a bit hungry and remembered I had a coconut candy bar in my desk. I started for the bedroom to retrieve it then remembered the "cupcake incident" from earlier in the day and didn't want to negate that victory, so went out the door without my treat.

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