Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fresh, Local, Organic

Wednesdays are Farmers' Market days in Tumwater. Today I went fully prepared, after reading an article on 10 Mistakes to Avoid at the Farmers' Market.
I had to watch for a break in the rain deluges, but managed to get there at a reasonable time before all was picked over.
I had my reusable market bag.
I made sure I had plenty of cash.
I looked through the whole market before purchasing, then bought something from 3 different vendors.
I had resolved to buy something I had never bought/cooked before. I saw some Bok Choy and asked the vendor how to prepare it. So...tonight I will have stir fry with Bok Choy, onions, garlic....mmmmm....
There wasn't any fruit, meat or dairy, and I don't have a pet, so I think all in all I successfully negotiated the market!
Speaking of negotiate...not only did I NOT try to negotiate prices, but I had my broccoli on the scale, prepared to pay $4 for the pound, but she "rounded" my bill to $10, which means I only paid $1 for the broccoli!! Whoohoo!

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