Saturday, May 30, 2009

Balancing Act

We go to the lodge every morning at 6:00 to exercise before going to work. Everyone else there is retired...why do they come so early??? The other day I walked in and 3 of the 4 treadmills were in use, so I quickly staked my claim by putting my iphone, headphones and water bottle on the last available machine before putting my gear in the locker room. When I came back out, a diminutive Asian man was standing near the foot of "my" treadmill, stretching, as if he was about to step onto it. I moved around him, hopped on, and began my workout. Yes, just like when you pull ahead of a parking space to back in, and someone pulls into it behind you...I was that person. I didn't even say anything to him, like, "I already called 'dibs' on this..." He walked away and got on a stationary bike. So, my workout was ruined as I stewed about my bad behavior. I thought I had a chance to redeem myself, when a woman came over to the fan that was running in front of me and took it away to place in front of her treadmill.  I didn't say anything, though I was thinking indignant thoughts ("What am I, chopped liver??"). She then looked at me like she just realized what she'd done and asked, "Do you want to share this? I can put it in the middle and set it to oscillate..." But I said, "No, I'm here to sweat, you take it," thinking my magnanimous gesture would redeem me from my previous rudeness. It didn't. *sigh*. I was going to have to apologize.  By now, Little Asian Man had gone into the locker room. I waited, my eyes on the door, for him to appear. When he did, I hopped down, went over to him and said, "I need to apologize for my rudeness in cutting in front of you earlier--that wasn't very nice of me." "No pwoblem...", he bowed. 
Every day, just gotta try to be a little bit better than the day before...

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Anonymous said...

hahah - oh mom, you are hilarious. Poor diminunitive man. I'm with you though; you staked the claim. =)