Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say, what??

Maybe he thought it was April 1st...I got a strange email from our facilities guy today. I had asked for Tall Kitchen Garbage bags, as the ones the custodians have been using in our kitchen are the HUGE heavy-duty "lawn & leaf" ones and it is wasteful. The bags fill up the container such that there is no room for the trash! I told him we also have the small bags, for the containers in the public area of the library, but we really could use an in-between/medium size for the kitchen.
He wrote back, "No problem, I will take care of it. I will bring you a bigger trash can, or can cut the current trash can down a size to fit the little bags..." umm..let's try this again...

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Anonymous said...

that. is. hil. arious. !!!! what a goofy guy =)