Saturday, January 17, 2009

Make It So

My husband calls me a POA (Person of Action). Actually it is a family trait that all the girls have (my mom, sister and all three of my daughters). The way I look at it, sometimes you have to make your own synchronicities...
I was in ward welfare meeting listening to talk of how one family had a need, another family had the solution, but nothing was being done to get the two together. ("not going to hold their hand..." ??). I picked up the sister with her carpet cleaner, drove to the home of the sister with the carpet needing cleaning and got them together. Then we realized she also needed a vacuum cleaner first...An email to the Relief Society hotline revealed not one but FOUR vacuum cleaners that could be given away. I made it so. There is great satisfaction in being a connector. Almost as cool as if the first sister had thought, "I need a carpet cleaner" and the second sister suddenly just showed up on her door asking, "Could you use this??"


Carolyn said...

I'm with you.. there is a solution to every problem, an answer to every question. Plan B is always an exciting possibility to me! Thanks for your comments. I love hearing form you.
P.S. By the way... Our sweet Rachel is the way she is because of a little help. Good job mom! :-)

Vern said...

I love your title; I find it very fitting. :) Many times when I have prayed for something, I'm positive I've heard the Holy Ghost say, "Make it so!" LOL

But maybe it should be POI (person of inspiration) instead of POA. :)

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