Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Libraries Change Lives

If I have to be out on the street corner jumping around like a lunatic, I'm glad it's a cause that gets such positive responses. We've been out waving signs in the effort to raise voter awareness that the library system here needs their support. I see blank faces staring out the windows and then as they read and are aware of what we are representing, we get horn honks, thumbs up and waves. It is very heartening and helps to motivate when the weather is cold and I get a blast of exhaust that I'm sure is drastically shortening my lifespan.
"The only true equalisers in the world are books; the only treasure-house open to all comers is a library; the only wealth which will not decay is knowledge; the only jewel which you can carry beyond the grave is wisdom."- J. A. Langford


Carolyn Siemers said...

You have my vote! :-)
Can you imagine a world without books? Our area is being hit hard with the libraries as well. Our local ones are entirely run by volunteers.
I'm all for progress but let's continue to put our eyes and minds on pages and our thoughts on paper and pen. Happy New Year Friend!

Jason Siemers said...

Jason and I got our ballots last night...we are voting YES! for you mom! I am so glad to be in a family with you and Vanessa to stay up to date on what to vote for, as I am not "in the know" when it comes to news and life outside my four walls most of the time. -Rach

Jason Siemers said...

It makes me happy to see your happy dance-swing-walk. It makes me think of being in New York and going power walking with you and listening to you sing your walking songs to know when to start the regular walk and when to resume the power...something about a bird if I recall. Funny how we stow memories away in our minds like a closet full of folded laundry...the voting clip goes next to the power walking clip which goes above the clip about exercising every morning in Washington together and listening to Mika while we dance jogged in the cold. If you don't file the memory away properly, it will not be recalled in a domino affect that is so fun to have. That is why journalism is so important...it is like a list of contents posted on the closet door to help you retrieve your desired, yet sometime lost, precious possessions. Man I love organization, what a high just thinking about it! I think I will organize my pasta cabinet instead of do the dirty dishes this morning. -Rachel (Not that I have to distinguish that this is NOT, in fact, Jason)