Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last Thursday we closed the library for a staff training day. To begin the day's activities we had invited a yoga instructor to come and put us through some poses. She is "in training" (ie, free) and was very nice. Today (exactly one week later) she was at the self-checkout station when I happened to glance up and see her. I knew I knew her from somewhere...she smiled broadly, said hello, and came towards me. I'm all smiles but panicking inside because I don't remember her name or from where I know her, until she says, "Thanks so much for letting me come and do my yoga class with your staff last week." ah hah! A good verbal clue! Still couldn't remember her name, but at least I knew how I knew her! We had a nice chat about exercising and sports for a few minutes and she was on her way, but I was reminded again of the book by Oliver Sacks, "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat." I really think I must have a (albeit mild) case of this!

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