Thursday, March 3, 2011

Timely Tip

Went to the Dr. this morning and got some hydrocortisone drops for ear irritation. He suggested I buy "Swimmer's Ear" drops OTC for use after swimming to keep the ear canal dry. "Or," he said, "You can probably just make up your own solution--it's just vinegar and rubbing alcohol." After I left I realized I'd forgotten to ask him the solution percentages for the two ingredients...
Hours later, at work, I'd forgotten about it, but picked up an old (July 2010) Good Housekeeping magazine that just got donated to the book sale this afternoon. Thumbing through, I found there on page 35 "Swimmer's Solution" --an article that gave the mix for the DIY solution: "half white vinegar and half rubbing alcohol." What are the odds? Thank you, GH!

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