Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

This was the first time Rich and I celebrated New Years' in a bar...It was a surprise trip Rich engineered, which began when we left work early and drove to Portland. We checked into the Modera and went out to look for the restaurant Rich had selected (but didn't make a reservation for). They were fully booked (0f course) but had a table in the bar that wouldn't be used until 7 pm. As it was only 5:30, we were able to have a fabulous meal there and be out in time for the concert. Rich had tickets for RAIN, which is a Beatles tribute band. They played 2 hours of incredible Beatles music, with the look and sound of the originals. Some friends were also there and staying at our hotel, so we met them afterwards and hung out in the hotel bar to ring in the new year. I nursed a virgin daquiri and Rich a Sprite, and we had an unusual pizza made with Feta and figs. Yum! The next day we hiked in Forest Park in the drizzle and fog. Magical! It takes a lot to surprise me (Grants are known for opening presents early and my secret name does contain the word, DETECTIVE...) but he did a great job. Thanks for a wonderful start to 2010!

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