Monday, November 30, 2009

A few of my favorite things

Several blogs that I follow, Cornflower, Brigitte Dale, and Sami's had entries recently about the little things (emphasis on little and things) that make us happy. Here's my attempt and will try not to be too influenced by their suggestions (although "new box of crayons" is right up there...).

  1. Macaroni & Cheese (Martha Stewart's recipe, not the Kraft boxes...)
  2. Hyacinths and lilacs (Hmm. Neither of which are in my the moment...)
  3. Small blank books--oh! the possibilities!
  4. Scarves--a new obsession since being in London.
  5. Hot, hot showers.
  6. Ok, I give up. New box of crayons. Doesn't even have to be the 64 size, but it helps.

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